Week in Review: Week 31

Reading Time: < 1 minute More serendipity came my way this week. On a trip back from New Jersey, we pulled into parking garage at the Sloatsburg rest area on the New York Thruway. Glancing at the exit as we walked toward the building, we spotted this sunset over the Ramapo Mountains. We collect sunsets. Someday we may have a […]

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Week in Review: Week 28

Reading Time: < 1 minute A productive week, with two major projects completed on schedule and two blog posts–including a return of the mysterious Rhetoric Referee. The Rhetoric Referee is an occasional mystery guest who takes apart the verbal tricks that politicians and debaters use to divert their opponents and deceive their audiences. He attempts to remain neutral, which in […]

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Week in Review: Week 27

Reading Time: 2 minutes Getting back into practice isn’t as easy as it sounds. Like going off a diet or breaking training, dropping any good habit means you have to pick it up again. And again. And again. Having hard-and-fast deadlines helps. That’s why I’m writing this morning, because I’m trying to establish Saturdays at noon to account for […]

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