In Other Words … Season 2, Episode 26

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The big news of the week: I have confirmation that Bubble Wrap will be featured in the July 30 episode of History’s new series, “The Mega-Brands That Built America.”

When the producers interviewed me in May about the invention of Bubble Wrap, they hinted that the segment will appear with the stories of major shipping companies like Fedex. That will be the second episode, “The World Delivered.” It features Jim Casey and UPS; Al Fielding and Marc Chavannes of Bubble Wrap; and Frederick Smith of FedEx. It will air July 30.

The series premiere, July 23 at 10 p.m. Eastern and Pacific, is called “Battle of the Superstores.” It will feature Sol Price of Fed Mart and Price Club; Jim Sinegal of Costco; and Sam Walton of Walmart and Sam’s Club.

The other two episodes this season are about sports and hygiene. “A Whole New Ballgame” on August 6 will feature baseball’s Albert Goodwill Spalding and the Rawlings Brothers; basketball’s Dr. James Naismith; and Thomas Wilson of the Wilson football. On August 13, “Dirty Work” will feature Harley Procter and James Gamble’s Ivory Soap and Jacob Schick and King C. Gillette’s razors.

Check your local listings, but it looks like new episodes show Sundays at 10 p.m. Eastern and Pacific. The previous week’s episodes show again Sundays at 9. They stream the next day on, its app, and video on demand platforms.

Here’s a sneak preview (although sadly, I’m not sexy enough to be in it):

“The Mega-Brands That Built America” launches Sunday. My interview about Bubble Wrap shows up next week, July 30.

As you can imagine, I’m focused this week on finishing off the draft of my history of the invention of Bubble Wrap. I have some uninterrupted blocks of time to concentrate on that project.

Meanwhile, though, I’m wrapping up the series of blog posts about my 1979 launch as a freelance writer. Those wind down in August, and I’ll have a breather before I move forward with another project or series.

I’ll keep you posted!

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