In Other Words: Season 2, Episode 18

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A flag flies in North Hero, Vermont, June 2, 2021. By Howard Fielding. Offered under Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.

Here in the United States, it’s Memorial Day weekend — a time that has always perplexed and frustrated me.

By becoming the first Monday holiday of summer, the weekend stole the show from Independence Day as the “unofficial start of summer.” In so doing, it lost much of its significance. I’ve spent more than a quarter century as an advocate to bring back its respect and dignity.

I explained that in Friday’s post, one of three this week that are contemporary rather than prompted by my memoir/journal entries. The month’s absence from the journal was a blessing and a curse. It took me off the anniversary dates, but in doing so it also made the blog less tied to the anniversary.

Now the journal entries can appear whenever they fit into the schedule, which is an easier pace for me to maintain. This also allows me to schedule date-appropriate entries, such as responses to community events and posts appropriate to a particular date or holiday.

In coming weeks, I’ll continue this mix of blog entries because they’re relatively quick to turn around and I can write them in chunks. Meanwhile, in background, I continue to work on larger projects that require longer blocks of time.

Sometimes, it’s a combination. These journal entries have entered a phase now there I’ll need to do some research, and that will bring me more into contact with my past. I’ll be networking with contemporary resources while I continue to work on the Bubble Wrap and Houdini projects.

Things are starting to come together. Thanks for being here with me as they do.

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7 thoughts on “In Other Words: Season 2, Episode 18

  1. Yours is the first blogsite that I have found, in almost 13 years, which warns of reading time. Thanx for following. I hope I can keep up. 😀

      1. Years ago I read a site named ‘Snotting Black,’ by a young woman stationed in Cairo for a year. The black snot was from the camel shit, dust and smoke in the air.
        Each of her posts always showed a reading time. When I asked how she determined it, she said she just read her own prose before posting, recorded the time it took her, and added a minute or two for those unfamiliar with it. 😀

      2. ‘Snotfunny! Reading aloud also helps writers find errors — typos, dropped words, mixed metaphors, and things that just don’t sound right.

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