Well, now it really IS history

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I started writing this in a chauffeur-driven limo on the Whitestone Bridge on the way back from Brooklyn.

Brooklyn, New York, that is, not Connecticut. I was there for my long-postponed interview about Bubble Wrap with producers for The History Channel.

The particular neighborhood, once you get past the scrap metal dealers and Transmissions R Us, is sort of an arts enclave. My host demurred when I called it a mini-Hollywood, although he said there was a big city studio a few blocks away.

Ours was a little city studio, somewhere between small and tiny. Open the door and you bump into the lights and camera.

Lights, camera, but there wasn’t a whole lot of action — only me. I was sitting on a plastic chair in the middle of an otherwise empty room in an old warehouse. Bright lights focused on me, obscuring my view of the others cloaked in the surrounding darkness. I felt like I was in one of those spy movies — “We have ways of making you talk.”

But I was there to talk. I wanted to talk. I had written and rehearsed my talk.

Instead I blathered. That’s a story for another time, perhaps.

For a new spinoff “The Brands that Built America,” I talked about the origins of Sealed Air Corporation, the brand built around my father’s Bubble Wrap. I sat and talked about Sealed Air this and Sealed Air that, and how Sealed Air is an entirely different company today.

Then when I got out of the studio and back into the limo, I checked my email on my phone and found out just how different it really was. There, in my In box, was this:

Sealed Air has become SEE. We have grown and innovated beyond what we once were, ready for a new era. From simply a packaging company, we are now a market-driven, customer-first, solutions company transforming our industry with automation, digital, sustainability, and packaging innovations. As SEE, we are redefining what packaging does and can do.

Sealed Air Is Now SEE, email blast, May 7

So where do we go from here? I guess we wait and SEE. Meanwhile, I wish them well. It’s a good company that is looking to the future rather than the past. We can’t fault them for that.

I do have one disappointment about the new logo, shown here. I miss the polka-dot background of the old one. It does kind of burst my bubble.

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