In Other Words: Season 2, Episode 7

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Frosted trees catch the sun as snowy skies clear over Lake Champlain in North Hero, Vermont, February 17, 2023. By Howard Fielding. Offered under Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

This will be a short entry because although the week included three posts, they were all prepared in advance. The first two months of this year have been demanding. This cuts into the time for writing, which can only be carved out perhaps an hour at a sitting.

Still, an hour is enough for a blog post. My journal from my early years as a writer continues to provide material for several entries a week that I can transcribe and interpret. These seem to be receiving more looks and likes both here and on Facebook. The latter is bringing in more readers than WordPress Reader alone. WordPress is attracting readers from the writing/publishing/blogging community, where Facebook is bringing in readers among my friends and a group for my coeducational college fraternity community.

This series speaks to both communities. I tell of my off-campus life and how my friends helped with some of my early projects, especially what I saw as my First Big Break. I’ve already banked another several entries for the coming week, and hope to continue writing a week in advance (except for these weekly reviews) while life goes on in the Real World.

In addition to the increased views, I reached another milestone today with my 200th post to this blog. This is No. 201.

Meanwhile, I still listen to audio books and podcasts, including The Shit No One Tells You About Writing, as I travel to where life needs me. I also continued volunteer work for two nonprofit clients when I could get to the keyboard.

Stay tuned: This week, our young hero gets his first acceptance letter, sends his first Big Story off to the editor, and discovers a quirky author with whom he shares a connection. That’s coming this week in In Other Words …

In case you missed it