Watching the personal clock, 1979

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Sunset over Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Sharon, Vermont, January 22, 2022. By Howard Fielding. Offered under Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.

If everyone has the right to make bad choices, as I said earlier, then everyone also has the right to have bad ideas. And this entry from 44 years ago has a good example.

Tonight I continued reading A Practical Style Guide for Authors and Editors, determined that WNNE could use a good critic, and came up with an idea for a spoof cookbook. There are vegetarian books — why not a cannibal’s cookbook? Raw meat recipes and the like.

Howard W. Fielding, “Journal Volume II,” 22 January 1979

OK, that’s sick. No wonder I never got beyond jotting down the idea. But somebody did. Several somebodies. So maybe no idea is too bad an idea to have a market.

The rest of that day’s entry was about the hunt for employment, which was then into its third week.

Everyone asks ‘have you found a job yet?’ and perhaps that’s a major hurtle for now, and why I’m trying to leap it. But I can’t help but wonder whether I’m going to have the time to get down to writing. At any rate, I must not rush. My personal clock, as K might put it, isn’t set for that yet. Study first, practice later. All seems to be going well, so far. I’m still happy.


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