When is a bubble not a bubble?

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Sealed Air Corporation’s new Paper Bubble Mailer is recyclable, but presumably does not pop. (Photo credit: Sealed Air Corporation.)

When it’s paper!

This just in … Sealed Air Corporation has announced a new addition to its lineup of Sealed Air brand protective mailers, which have been a staple of the company’s product line since the 1970s. But despite the Bubble Wrap brand name, these bubbles presumably won’t pop.

Instead, “the inner padding is made of a paper material that mimics the original BUBBLE WRAP® brand cushioning,” according to the company. The paper liners are fiber-filled, eliminating the need for plastic and making the product entirely drop-in-the-bin recyclable.

Yes, that spoils the fun of the snappy original Bubble Wrap created by Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes, who founded the company back in 1960. But the company has greatly expanded its packaging product lines since then. In recent years, Sealed Air has been working to make its product lines more environmentally friendly.

“As part of its suite of fiber-based offerings, in early 2023, SEE will introduce the AUTOBAG® brand 850SP paper bagging and printing system in North America. This is a first-of-its-kind system for bagging, sealing and printing paper packaging made from recycled and renewable materials that are curbside recyclable,” the company said in a news release.

But as for the pop? Oh, snap!

The mailers can be used for a variety of products, like the bubble envelopes the company has been making since the 1970s. But these are 100 percent recyclable. (Photo credit: Sealed Air Corporation.)

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