Week in Review: Week 5

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Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day popped up on the calendar this past week, and my post about it got the most views of any post so far this year. Since the start of this blog more than three years ago, the most-read post is The birth of Bubble Wrap, so that’s no surprise.

Probably that’s because the content is universal but unique—everyone loves Bubble Wrap, but there is no other Bubble Wrap Kid, no one telling its story. The next most pop-ular topic here is the Schrödinger’s Kitty series about our cat-sitting for our daughter. Everyone seems to love kitties. Our daughter has a lot of friends, too, so these stories get more mileage through her referrals. Actually, I owe you one from last summer’s gig. And we have another chance in June. Stay tuned.

Observations: I probably ought to write more detailed and evocative headlines. I’m still looking for a more appropriate WordPress theme that will get people off the home page, which is what gets the most hits of all.

Interaction: The greetings and comments on Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day were a happy way to maintain dialog. Unfortunately, all the chatter was on my personal Facebook post linking to the blog, rather than in the comments here.

Professional development: Subscribed to a few recommended blogs for writers, pressed on with tweaking the website/blog, built out my LinkedIn profile a bit and shared a couple of posts. Next I’ll be making some contacts there, too.

Next week: At least one post about Abraham Lincoln that readers might find unusual. Also working on outside projects that may cut down on regular posts. Maybe Schrödinger’s Kitty will show up—or maybe not. You never know until you open the box and look inside.

In case you missed it

  • Tsk-tsk! (1979)

    Tsk-tsk! (1979)

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Not contacting the state offices was practically journalistic malpractice. You need to get the official word, even if it’s “no comment.”

  • A good time for groundwork, 1979

    A good time for groundwork, 1979

    Reading Time: 2 minutes I had visions of collecting my school essays into books of criticism about how not to write papers. Does that sound like what I’m doing here?

  • Puff and fluff, 1979

    Puff and fluff, 1979

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Any local news editor understands the delicate balance between what readers and advertisers expect and what you think is important.

  • In Other Words … Season 2, Episode 19

    In Other Words … Season 2, Episode 19

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Many people don’t even have the time or focus for an entire book. The culture of short videos and podcasts has taken over, to our detriment.

  • Top-of-the-head inventory, 1979

    Top-of-the-head inventory, 1979

    Reading Time: 2 minutes “Items in Stock” was, in truth, a misnomer. Some were complete, or ready for a final draft or a rewrite. Others were ideas or characters in search of a plot.

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