The new year is already old

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“You know, I think Howard Fielding is right,” the man in the pulpit said as he started to preach.

That made me wake up.

Of all the church sermons I have heard in my life, that was one that stood out. It was years ago, another church, another pastor who has since moved on. And he was preaching from the Book of Living Here.

“Living Here,” Republican-American, September 3, 2007
A time to reappraise as, under the heaven, the seasons again turn

Despite what the calendar may tell you, the new year doesn’t start in January. That’s just a clerical anomaly. It starts with Labor Day.

Think about it. The school year, of course. Television seasons (which were more seasonal back in the day of four major networks). Sports. And the list goes on.

New Year’s Day? Just a party in the middle of the year to give us the energy to go on.

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