Turning over a new leaf

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Happy New Year! I’m turning over a new leaf.

Let’s face it: “Write in the Middle” was going nowhere. A blog that posts only once every few months gets few followers. Its content was mostly raw fiction or essays, delivered sporadically. It was time for something fun and creative, something people would want to see. It’s time to bring joy.

Celebrating life, liberty, and happiness together

On our social media feed, my scenic photos—mostly of sunsets—get the most attention, so I figure you’ll like them. And I have a lot of them, going back 20 years or more. My wife and I have talked about making a blog of our photos and reviews of sunsets. This is a step in that direction.

The featured photos will be part of a short post. This may be about writing, the day itself, or a quote from my long-running “Living Here” column in the Republican-American. If you want to read the whole original column, I’ll link to the Newslibrary archive website.

There is a fee for retrieving from Newslibrary. You can pay per story or subscribe by the month or year. The original publisher, in my case the Republican-American, gets most of the fee paid for each article downloaded; the rest goes to the archive. A subscription allows you to search and retrieve from thousands of newspapers across the country. That makes it a good research tool for writers and researchers. I’ll be using my subscription to research another project I’m working on, “He Said, She Said.”

Below is an example what the Newslibrary search page looks like. When I cite a “Living Here” example, I’ll give you the search terms for the last “in All Text” or “limit by date” fields. Enjoy!

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