‘The Easter Confession’

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“The Easter Confession”
By Charles Monagan
Paperback: $15.95
Kindle: $3.19

Fans of Waterbury, Connecticut, or just a good mystery will enjoy Charles Monagan’s newest novel, “The Easter Confession.”

Monagan, former editor of Connecticut Magazine, knows his state and knows his hometown.

In many ways, Waterbury is a city frozen in time. Live or work or visit there today and you’ll still see most of the institutions and landmarks Monagan fondly evokes in this mystery set in his hometown. Yet the thriving postwar affluence is gone, washed away with the floods that wiped out Connecticut’s river valleys after two hurricanes in the summer of 1955.

Monagan crafts a clever detective story set around three characters who grew up in the city as part of its Greatest Generation, whose common ties and unique backgrounds are the key to solving a perplexing burglary of an old-money estate. The characters, settings and motivations are all true to Waterbury, then and now, building to a climax at the city’s turning point.

A refreshing read for long summer afternoons.

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