The Trump effect

The Trump effect

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You may ask why the Rhetoric Referee hasn’t said much about President Donald Trump. The answer is simple. Everybody writes about President Trump. Especially Trump.

The 2016 presidential election was the motivation behind the Rhetoric Referee in the first place. Both major parties faced primaries. At one point, the Republican field had 20 candidates.

The debates were rough-and-tumble free-for-alls. Trump moved ahead by zeroing in on one front-running opponent. He used techniques like ad hominem, the Name Game, the straw man, name-calling, and guilt by association to keep them on the defense. That, plus a generous serving of pie-in-the-sky and changing the subject, made for entertaining televised theater. Trump, former host of “The Apprentice” and “Celebrity Apprentice,” knew how to keep viewers tuning in to the nation’s biggest elimination game show.

The Rhetoric Referee doesn’t have the 24/7 resources to keep up with the president, and so has been focusing on the elimination rounds for the Democratic debates. After that, we’ll try to look at both parties with 2020 vision.

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